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The root of any home is its foundation. Its task is to hold the entire, sometimes quite considerable mass of the structure. It must be resistant to phenomena such as high humidity, temperature changes, various precipitation and flowability of the soil. Therefore, in order for the pile foundation to be reliable, practical and durable, it is very important to use only proven materials and modern equipment for the installation of the screw foundation, as well as take into account standards and norms.

Today in Australia, screw piles are in great demand, since they can be placed on unstable and difficult soils. 

Construction on screw piles has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Simplicity and affordable price of construction work: There is no need to use large and heavy construction equipment for installation. In addition, the low cost of the piles themselves allows significant savings in comparison with the arrangement of tiled or tape. All operations are performed by a team of experienced installers using modern technologies.
  • Versatility: Piles can be installed even on unstable soils such as peaty, clayey and sandy. Such a foundation of the house provides stabilization of unstable soil types, including swampy ones.
  • Saving space: Construction with screw piles does not require a lot of space, which makes the installation process as easy as possible. It also becomes possible to keep the surrounding landscape intact.

Installation of Screw Piles:

Piles are installed using an excavator with a torque motor attachment which monitors the torque achieved during installation to verify the design. 

The piles are advanced to the predetermined (design) bearing strata by rotating the steel shafts with the torque motor attached to the excavator plant/rig. Multiple steel sections are connected via a bolted connection and sections are added to complete the total pile depth.

Specific helical flights are designed to penetrate the soil without augering, displacing the soil, whilst the torque is carefully monitored as the pile advances. 

The final torque reading is taken over the last 1m of advancement to ensure the pile is achieving the required design before terminating at the correct datum level.

On completion, the top of the pile can be connected in various ways to the structure by a direct steel flange plate connection or plate/rebar connection to concrete.

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That’s it – the screw foundation is ready!

Pile Drive is one of the most reliable contractors in melbourne, engaged in the construction of pile foundations for many years

Among the various companies existing in the pile market, Pile Drive is one of the leaders in the field of foundation engineering. Our specialists have extensive experience in carrying out repair and construction work. They have repeatedly confirmed their high qualifications at objects of various complexity.

We will professionally build a solid, durable pile foundation for your future home. Before starting work, customers receive qualified advice on all technical issues. We will equip for you a reliable foundation using screw piles. Our experience is a guarantee that the construction of a high-quality foundation for the house will be quick and safe.

Installation of a pile-screw foundation and its cost

After reviewing our proposals, you can make sure that the cost of the foundation on screw piles is the most affordable and profitable.

We guarantee a prompt foundation. Own production of screw piles is carried out using modern technologies. This allows the installation of the support platform under the foundation within one day.

We will carry out installation on soils of any complexity at the lowest cost in comparison with competitors. These indicators were achieved thanks to the modernization and the involvement of experienced installers. The construction of any foundation is carried out by specialists using modern equipment.



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