Screw Piles Victoria

Screw Piles Victoria


Screw piles were originally used primarily for their resistance to tensile forces. Utility companies frequently used screw piles as tie-down anchors for transmission towers and utility poles. Recent years have seen screw piles being used in many different applications. The piles’ strong resistance to both uplift and bearing pressure allow them to be used in situations where resistance to combinations of these forces are required.  

Screw piles offer many advantages over traditional pilings, such as speed of installation and immediate loading capability. These advantages have made screw piles an ideal foundation for many mainstream construction projects.

Pile Drive is a steel screw piling company located in Melbourne Victoria. We cater to all steel screw piling projects of all sizes. 

Our services cater to all sectors of the construction industry in Victoria. These include the below:

Oil and Gas Industry 

Screw piles are ideal for many applications within the oil and gas industry throughout Victoria. The piles are rugged, low maintenance, and mobile, which makes them ideal for use in the field. With a strong resistance to vibration and/or cyclical loading, screw piles can be placed under pump-jacks and compressor stations. Other applications include: pipe-racking, skid buildings, flare stacks, tanks, dehydrators, separators, etc. Our installation trucks are fully capable of installing piles in all climates and conditions, and our field crew is properly trained to perform in-situ modifications, if they have access to the design engineer. 

Power Transmission Lines & Telecommunication Towers  

Pile Drive provides customized turnkey solutions for the power transmission and telecommunications industry within Victoria. Transmission and communication towers require a somewhat unique foundation. A typical project involves large uplift and lateral loads and often covers long distances with diverse geotechnical conditions. In many situations, power transmission lines traverse unfavourable soil conditions such as muskeg or very soft, wet soils. In such situations, screw piles are the preferred construction option as they can be custom designed for each site and the equipment required for installation is relatively small.  While many screw pile suppliers provide a single “worst case scenario” design that works in all conditions, this approach is typically costly.

 Pile Drive assesses and interprets geotechnical conditions along the route line and produces an appropriate pile for each site on the route. This results in significant costs savings for our customers.

Industrial & Commercial Construction  

For industrial and commercial construction projects, Pile Drive manufactures piles that can be used in a variety of situations with a variety of loads within Victoria. The main advantage of screw piles for industrial and commercial buildings is the speed of installation with minimal vibration and noise. Also, screw piles have become an extremely attractive foundation option for owners and contractors due to the rising price of concrete piles and difficulty of obtaining concrete within a reasonable time frame. Screw piles are a cost-effective option for this type of application.


Screw piles are used successfully for underpinning existing foundations due to the high flexibility of screwing piles adjacent to existing foundations. Pile Drive has done retrofit projects for bridges, power lines, and schools.  A commonly used method for restoring failing foundations is underpinning. Underpinning projects use hydraulic jacks to support the structure until the foundation is lifted and the screw piles are installed. 



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