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Helical piles were first used as foundations for buildings and bridges built over weak or wet soil. They had limited use for much of the 19th and early 20th century as the installation was difficult without mechanical assistance. During the 1960’s, hydraulic torque motors became readily available and the installation process became much easier. Helical piles were first used primarily for their resistance to tensile forces. Utility companies frequently used helical piles as tie-downs for transmission towers and utility poles. 

Recent years have seen screw piling contractor have used helical piles in many different applications. The piles strong resistance to both uplift and bearing pressure allowed them to be used in situations where resistance to combinations of these forces was required. Many advantages over traditional pilings, such as speed of installation and immediate loading capability have made helical piles the ideal foundation for many mainstream construction projects. 

The main equipment used to install helical piles are excavators with attached torque motors such as PD25. Because the torque motors have improved significantly over the past 15 years, the new advances in equipment have made it possible for Melbourne screw piling contractors to install one piece piles up to 15m in length. Although most piles are installed in short segments either bolted or welded together.

Helical Pile Uses 

Pile Drive is one of the best screw piling contractors in Melbourne. Our products have been used on a wide variety of projects throughout Melbourne. Uses for helical piles include but are not limited to foundations for commercial and residential buildings, temporary structures, light standards, oil and gas industry structures, bank retention, retaining wall tie-backs and power utility industry structures. A helical pile can be used in almost any situation and where driven or cast in place piles are currently used. Pile Drive manufactures, installs and supplies our network of installers helical piles for many industries, including: 

New Construction Foundation

Helical piles are well suited for new construction foundations. The piles are incorporated into the footing or structural grade beam. The piles will terminate with a pier cap that will be embedded into the concrete footer or grade beam. Pile size and spacing will be determined by the load of the structure and soil bearing capacity. Fast and economical helical piles can be installed and incorporated into the footing.

Because of the ability of a helical pile to deal with various loadings, the helical pile can be used in many load bearing situations. Included are the following:

  • Static loads (e.g. under buildings) 
  • Alternating loads (e.g. under pumps jacks) 
  • Vibratory loads (e.g. under compressors) 
  • Loads with high moment of overturn (e.g. communication towers) 
  • Footings 


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